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Women continue to make huge impacts in the workplace: narrowing the gender pay gap, opening small businesses, running corporations and households, and increasing their numbers in government leadership. While our achievements speak for themselves, our money mindsets can often benefit from a paradigm shift. Talking about money can be emotional and even taboo, yet it is vital to our own success in life. 

TogetHER Invested is here to support women in this work. Having the power and freedom of a healthy financial mindset starts with better self-awareness, unbiased financial facts, and enriching connections with other women.

Our team helps realize this vision and its ultimate goal of building a healthier and stronger community. We educate, engage, and inspire women by providing tools to build awareness and achieve financial wellbeing. Our events are hosted by qualified financial professionals who volunteer their time and have your back.

Meet the Team

Allison Bishop

Alison Thompson

Cecilia Guecia

Erin Chenard

Lisa Dunning

Sheila Menair

Terri De Coster

Whitney Lallas

What We Do


Join us for an hour of happiness, wisdom, and work. Gather to meet more women and learn creative ways to flip your money mindset. Offerings include mini-panels, presentations, and judgement-free conversations. We use this time to forge new relationships, share our stories, and continue building knowledge and confidence, all in a relaxed and supportive environment. Good food, great company and a cash bar make for a fun hour-long recharge.

Mimosas and Money!

Offered on a variety of financial topics, our workshops provide guidance on the way our attitudes about money touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Delivered with a side of healthy humor and compassion, our webinars teach financial proficiency and address cultural attitudes and concepts around money: wealth is more about your state of mind than the size of your wallet.

Maine Divorce Workshop

Whether you are pondering divorce or already in it, our workshops deliver the information you need to better navigate and protect yourself. Learn your legal and financial rights and strategies for getting a handle on the emotional ride. Our team, comprised of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts®, family law attorneys, and  mental health professionals, offer a thorough overview with Q&A after. Cost to attend is $35. This 4-hour workshop will save you time, money and sanity.

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Let us know how
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We at TogetHER serve a diverse clientele and are proud to provide an affirming environment that is gender and LGBTQ+ inclusive.